2004 Elected Officers


President – Steve O


VP – Fish


Secretary – Charles Bennett


Treasurer – Cherry


Public Relations Director- Noel Gabler


Web Page Manager – Robbie Rollins


Tournament Director – Ed Roberts

Course Development Committee Chairman – Fish

Course Revision Committee Co-Chairmen – Ed Roberts and Tim K.

(All ADGA members are encouraged to help with these two committees.)

Player Profiles

’02 & ’03 AK State Disc Golf Champions: Brian Threlkeld and Noel Gabler

2003 Course Challenge Champion, “Best In Anchorage” – Steve O

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2004 Members

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ADGA# Division Name
1 PRO Tim ‘Fish’ McCrory
2 PRO Steve Orlando Jr
3 MAS Milo Faris (MOFO)
4 MAS Tim Kosednar
5 PRO Ed Roberts
6 WOM Michelle Roberts
7 ADV Kenny Pitts
8 WOM Noel Gabler
9 PRO Doug Gabler
10 NOV Jim Harvey
11 NOV Ross Wolf
12 WOM Cherry Anderton
13 WOM Christine Bennett
14 PRO Charles Bennett
15 NOV Bob Piekarski
16 ADV Frank Keirn
17 PRO Brian Threlkeld
18 PRO Robbie Rollins
19 PRO Dave Michaels
20 PRO Jeffrey Baker
21 ADV Darren Stiles
22 ADV Tony Wright
23 ADV Geoff Wright
24 WOM Laloni Crouch
25 ADV Sid Hemminger
26 PRO Andy Severson
27 WOM Meg Graves
28 PRO Joe Hoopes
29 NOV Tom Maattala
30 MAS Stevo Barnes
31 PRO Kevin Maher
32 ADV Robert Ochsner
33 PRO Timmy Cross
34 NOV Rick Miles
35 MAS Stephen Wrenn
36 ADV D.C. Ashcraft
37 NOV Troy Smith
38 MAS Dave Tayloe
39 WOM Julie Tayloe
40 WOM Candy Hilleary
41 MAS Eric Downey
42 PRO Shane Poston
43 PRO Joe Kach
44 PRO Colin McDonough
45 PRO Matt Figueroa
46 PRO Robbie Parrish
47 PRO Brian Hoeniger
48 PRO Rob Harris
49 Dave Nesbitt
50 Don Bruno
999 MAS Mario Roblez